Thought Leaders


Become a Thought Leader for Your Campus

Mental Mojo is seeking highly-motivated individuals to lead and manage our Study Buddies (our street team) while generating sales and representing our brand. As a Thought Leader, you will be responsible for marketing and promoting a product that will change the way students study by offering a safe, effective and sustainable alternative to prescription drugs. You will be directly responsible for setting up sales meetings with Greek and University organizations, and managing social media. Our Thought Leader program provides the opportunity to lead and manage, as well as excellent sales experience.

Why become a Thought Leader?

  • Gain valuable leadership, sales and marketing experience
  • Earn extra cash during the semester
  • Network with new people, and build that social Rolodex
  • If successful, receive a written letter of recommendation from our CEO
  • Possibility of earning a management role after college


  • Proven track record and resume demonstrating leadership, campus involvement and a strong work ethic
  • Full-time undergraduate student
  • Commitment to representing our brand in a professional manner
  • A scholarly socialite who enjoys meeting new people and your peers
  • Strong social media presence

Application Process

We are currently looking for Thought Leaders for the Spring 2014 semester. Applications will be accepted through the end of February. If you are interested, click the link below and fill out our application.

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